4 – Mastering the Zeitenwende: Grand Strategy for Liberal Democracies

Show notes

This episode deals with grand strategy and why liberal democracies like Germany now need a new strategic approach. First with Alice Stollmeyer and then with Chris Alexander, we identify internal and extrernal threats to liberal democracies and how to counteract them. But more broadly, we explore how to defend, renew, and spread liberal democracy and how to inspire people to do so. With our guests we draw lessons from the recent past, showing how liberal democracies lost our way, which can help us do better going forward. And, ahead of two high-level events on the topic, we highlight Neo-Idealism as an emerging approach to grand strategy for liberal democracies stemming from responses to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine which have opened the door to a better kind of geopolitics – including for Germany.


  • Chris Alexander, Former Canadian Ambassador and Minister for Immigration (@calxandr)
  • Alice Stollmeyer, Founder & Executive Director, Defend Democracy (@StollmeyerEU)


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